You will often hear us say, “If you are alive today, thank a Midwife!“ That is how important midwives are in the well-being of our nation, and it is a responsibility we are honored to perform.

As a future midwife, you will play a vital role in many lives, and you will go beyond care in pregnancy and birth to improve the health and welfare of the women, children and families you work with. It can be daunting and that is why GRMA is here.


Your training:

As students, we are already helping you develop into future midwives. We work closely with Ghana College of Nurses and Midwives and all local training schools to help ensure that the information you learn will be of most use when you take up your role as a professional midwife. GRMA wants to hear from you so we can represent you to the very best of our abilities.


Support and mentoring:

We hold regular meetings and trainings which provide a place where you can discuss your challenges with other like-minded midwives and gain valuable experience from those with years of service experience.


We know that it can be tough for a newly graduated midwife to find a role. GRMA’s network and regional meetings can provide a place for you to meet with other working midwives and seek employment opportunities.


I want to learn more! How can I get involved with GRMA?

We would love you to join us! You can register to become a member of GRMA through our website [INSERT HYPERLINK to JOIN US page] and you will receive information about where and when your nearest GRMA meeting is taking place.


Make sure you also find out more information on our Facebook page.