GRMA is the only midwifery organization in Ghana to represent midwifery interests to a variety of important government and regulatory offices.


    • We are board members of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) where we review and input on policy updates regarding the regulation and licensing of midwives in Ghana. Our representation of this organisation directly affects how you as midwives obtain your continuing professional development (CPD) points and license renewal each year.


  • We work closely with the Ghana College of Nurses and Midwives to ensure that current and future generations of midwives are receiving the most appropriate preparation and training for their work in the field.


  • Preventing HIV and AIDS is a significant challenge across the whole of Africa. As the midwifery representative for the Ghana AIDS Commission, we are actively involved in discussion around prevention of transmission between mother and child and as part of sexual health/family planning.
  • As technical experts in midwifery, we work closely with the Ghana Health Service and Ministry of Health in the development of protocols, guidelines and manuals for Midwifery and communicate those back to our members.
  • Technical Representative – Curriculum for BSc. Midwifery- KNUST

Innovate for Health, Saving Maternity Homes in Ghana Project

In collaboration with Banyan Global and with generous funding from USAID, GRMA are helping transform 22 maternity homes across six regions of Ghana. The program focuses on the challenges and opportunities facing private maternity homes in Ghana, with the aim of revitalizing the private maternity sector in underserved areas.


The project is working with existing private maternity home owners who may be nearing retirement to ensure their facility remains operational after their departure. This includes:

  • Assistance in finding a seller and brokering a transfer
  • Financial support and assistance in identifying financier
  • Clinical and quality assistance and mentoring
  • Business support and technical assistance

Ultimately, this program has the potential to increase access, improve efficiencies and expand quality maternal-child healthcare in rural areas.

International Confederation of Midwives:

GRMA is the only association in Ghana recognized by the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM). Through our membership of ICM we are part of an international community of midwives who learn and exchange international best practices to achieve excellence in our quality of care.


Available to GRMA members is the opportunity to represent GRMA and Ghanaian midwives at the ICM conference every two years.


Confederation of African Midwives Association:

GRMA is a founding member of Confederation of African Midwives Association (CONAMA) and participates in discussions that drive forward the quality of midwifery care across Africa.


As members of CONAMA, we aim to accelerate capacity building among member associations, identify and encourage efficient use of each other’s unique capabilities and participate in the development of a common vision–“To ensure reduction of the high maternal mortality rates” (source: Amref).


We will be sharing further information about the next CONAMA meeting in January 2018 as the information becomes available.

International Day of the Midwife

On May 5th each year, midwives across the world come together to celebrate the International Day of the Midwife. We proudly support and recognize the achievements of midwives in Ghana and across the world to celebrate our achievements.

In 2017, we will be on the ground in Tamale to celebrate the expertise of our sisters on the ground there. We celebrate all Ghanaian midwives on this day and encourage you to join in and support midwives across the world.


Simple ways to get involved include:


  • Log on to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and share a message of support for midwives using the hashtag #MidwivesMatter.

We’d love to see your pictures and comments so do tag us in! @GhanaMidwives (Twitter) and Ghana Registered Midwives Associations (Facebook)


  • Find out more about our activities for IDM through our Facebook page.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD):

We are committed to your ongoing professional development and are in the process of gaining accreditation from the Nursing and Midwifery Council to run Continuing Professional Development for our members, helping you maintain the highest professional standards required for licensing and registration.
Search the events calendar or Nursing and Midwifery Council website to find out more about CPD programmes happening in your area.